Meet Us at THE P.I.T.!

Meet Us at THE P.I.T.!

Please come on over to THE P.I.T. and say hello – fellow Patriot parents and THE P.I.T. Crew members would love to meet you. Here are a few services THE P.I.T. provides for our team:

  • Coaches – Takes burden off of them. They can concentrate on taking care of the players’ needs.
  • Parents – Gives them a place they can find out information, fellowship with other parents, feel a part of the team family.
  • Players – Shows them the parents are behind them supporting them all the way!
  • Food & Fellowship – We also have many food evenings at practice. We come up with a food theme and set it up potluck style right under THE P.I.T. tent.

THE P.I.T. has enhanced the experience with Christ Prep football for a lot of families. It provides a place of belonging for parents and a place where needs are regularly met within the team. “It is amazing to see how God sets up the right people to talk to one another or He brings someone over who knows what to say to brighten your day or help you along in some way,” said Cathy Dereskiewicz, THE P.I.T. Coordinator. It has been a blessing for the parents to be there and talk to people and learn more about each family.

“My favorite memory at THE P.I.T. was an evening we were sitting around eating from tables full of goodies from a bunch of the moms,” Dereskiewicz said. “When I looked over at the boys, who just finished practice, with Coach Hurley doing the devotion for the boys, Coach Hammack and Coach Jay were looking behind them back at THE P.I.T. to see if there was any food left for them!” She told them not to worry, we will always save some food for the coaches after practice.

We are currently looking for parents to join THE P.I.T. Crew. Being part of THE P.I.T. Crew would entail setting up the tent, getting a table and a few chairs out of the trailer and being available for anyone who has a question.

If you would like to help out at THE P.I.T., please see Cathy Dereskiewicz at practice … at THE P.I.T.!